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Barrel Stack

About Us

We are David and Toby Prochnicki. We were looking at doing a wedding venue and had some other prospects going. I had called Andy because I was a previous bar owner in town and one thing led to another and here we are. So as the new owners, we were trying to decide on what we wanted to name the restaurant.

We decided that RBI has a great reputation for food. Our cooks are fantastic. Everyone loves the brunch bar, so we wanted to keep that name so that the community knows we still have that fantastic food. 

The idea behind Bourbon Street Lounge was to just say it wasn't a nightclub that we wanted to be a lounge, a pub and a place you can bring your family to come in and just  have a nice dinner and have a night out. 

So please come on in and try the new food and our local beer flights.

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